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STUDIO[8]ARCHITECTURE is a design-focused, residential architecture firm started by biologist and architect Jaime Stich. We design clean, modern, site-specific architecture. We're inspired by our unique and beautiful environment here in Northern California. This region provides us with a fantastic variety of site inspired materials, textures and colors. Although our designs may showcase modernist detailing, we also study the vernacular architecture / regional building forms in the locations we work. Our studio is located on in Northern California in the heart of the wine country. While many of our projects are located here, we are always interested in and have been fortunate enough to work on projects in other regions, states, and countries. 

The wildfires that have plagued our area since 2017 have provided us with unwanted work but important work. Rebuilding our community has been extremely emotional and difficult for us and our community but helping to rebuild our community has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. We believe that everyone should have access to good design and are very proud of the rebuilding work we have been a part of. 


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